My professional profile tells a lot about what I do. But I want this blog to be more REAL. more AUTHENTIC. I want you to know who I really am. So I thought I would tell you, and I hope you will return and maybe even tell me about you!

I am not afraid to dance on tables or wear silly costumes. I love taking risks, being on stage and meeting people. I like heavy starch in my shirts and things to match, but inside I am wilder than I dress. Inside I am passionate and love deep, speak my mind, and can be know to stick my foot in my mouth in mere seconds. That is, before my silly brain catches up. (Search “foot in mouth” for more of these stories) I tend to over-share upon first meeting with someone, which is weird because I can also be very cautious. I am insanely sensitive.

Silly Lee with writingI used to be afraid of Christians and ran from anyone who buttoned their shirt too high, wore a headband, and/or carried a Bible. But, I have come to know a God that doesn’t live in a box or make me wear headbands. I love a God that allows me to be me with all my gifts and imperfections. The cool part…He loves me anyway.

I live life out loud.

I was afraid to be me most of my life and landed in a deep pit of depression and a life threatening eating disorder. It was horrible. I almost didn’t survive.

But, by God’s grace I am here, and FULLY alive. The story of my journey is in this book, my memoir, Table in the Darkness – A Healing Journey Through an Eating Disorder (by InterVarsity Press). It will be available in January 2014.

I live and relish every moment of life on the other side of an eating disorder. I now have a great relationship with my body and my mind, and we actually have a lot of fun.

I have three wild boys and one adventurous husband who is passionate about his relationship with God and serving others. The four of them are often in the yard shooting animals with bbguns or smelling up some room of our house.

I devour books like a monkey devours bananas.

And, I worry that people won’t like me, that I said too much, or they will see the age spots on my face. Then I get over it, and I continue to just be me.

I don’t do well with rules and don’t tend to behave well in meetings or long lectures. I used to work in Marketing at Target Corporation and was reprimanded for spending too much time making friends and/or chatting. Now I work at an eating disorder treatment center and most of my job is building relationships and encouraging those in the dark place of addiction. (and I love it!)

I want every moment on earth to count for something bigger than me. I long for women and men to fully embrace the uniqueness of who they are as well as the bodies they live in. I am working on this too. I want to live this glorious, painful, and amazing life OUT LOUD with whimsy, passion, adventure, and love. This blog is my manifestation of that goal in hopes that you will, by reading: Love God More, celebrate the person he created (you) more, an live life out loud too!

Please join me 🙂



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