It doesn’t look like it, but I have been writing. Lots and lots of writing.

And change.

Lots and lots of change.


Please forgive me for not writing here, my precious space to share my thoughts, hopes, and encouragement to you…my faithful readers and friends.

In September I left my job after almost nine years at the Melrose Center. Thinking I needed a change and hoping God had something in mind, a few weeks into October, it was clear He did.

I started working at Beauterre Recovery Institute (and write content here) in marketing as I wanted to take a break from patient care to focus on my writing. I thought this job would allow me space to do so.

I just didn’t realize it would actually happen, but it did. I received a book contract in October!!! Wooohooo! 


To my amazement someone actually wants me to write a book again!

Table in the Darkness (hey if you read it and enjoyed it, would you write a review on Amazon? I would soo appreciate it!) was no blockbuster, so I really thought my writing career was done. I actually thought they had made a mistake when they contacted me with the contract!

But now it is real and the manuscript (which hasn’t yet been completed) is due at the end of February!! Yikes!

What does this mean? It means I could use your prayers. I could use your support. I am more scared than ever! It is one thing to write one book…but two? Book one I spent over nine years writing! I have lots of doubts and fears and I am hoping and praying and TRUSTING that God has a plan here.

While I was changing jobs and working on the proposal for book #2, I have had such a fun time freelance writing for some local magazines. I have met some of the coolest people through this writing adventure. Here are some of the things I have been busy writing:

Young Fencer

Boot Camp

Sports Bags

Smart Homes

Flip Flop Pilgram

(Plus a few more fun ones to come!)

In the mean time, I will not be writing here until I finish that manuscript! I hope you understand…but at the end of February I will be back to write here.

The book will be released in Spring of 2017 an more details to follow once I finish it. Thank you again for your prayers and support.






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