I have a friend, who when she signs in at our elementary school for a visitor pass, instead of writing the date on the pass or on the sign-in sheet just writes…Today.


Not the date or the time. Today.

She says it is because all she can think about is today, that it is too complicated to put the date, the time or the moment.

I see it differently, I see it as a beautiful reminder of living in the moment. This moment we have right now…is simply today.

Today is all we have in front of us.

We spend so much time looking in that darn rear view mirror or forecasting the future of what we have to do tomorrow or next week or next year. Because summer just started and now we need to get ready for August. And as parents we prepare for summer in January and we prepare for the fall in June. And all of this makes my head spin. And then there is the deeper stuff of depression and fears and anxiety and it wraps us in knots of past failures and future expectations.


So why not just do today?

That’s all.

Living in the present moment whether it be a chaotic mess of children and dishes and wet towels on your dining room table (my house), it is just today. And right now today is all you have in front of you. The next right step is all you need. Not yesterday not tomorrow.

Just today.


So go forth, settle into all you need to do in this moment, today.




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