“During the Best Buy Women’s Employee Network Leadership Summit, Lee spoke on Finding YOUR Brave, she shared with the audience the importance of developing a culture of authenticity. As I sat there and digested her words over the next several minutes I challenged myself to be less hesitant and fearful of acknowledging my own authenticity on a routine basis – to truly ask myself hard questions when reflecting on my own authenticity when it comes to my professional and personal lives. I appreciated Lee’s transparency as she talked about her own path to authenticity, which was relatable and inspiring!”

– Best Buy Corporate Employee

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Self-Care is not selfish

DNA Discoveries








Taking off your masks

Becoming the real you

Finding your Why

Practicing the art of Brave Beauty 

“Help me understand” – the gift of hearing another’s story (the power of story) 

Leaning into vulnerability and letting go of perfection

The myth of the perfect woman 

The risk and reward of stopping playing the game 

Your not good enough and other lies we have been told

Mental Health

My own personal story

Food is Fuel- Talk geared specifically for schools and chemical dependency treatment centers

“Wac-A-Mole” – Eating Disorders and Substance abuse.

(This is a training for those working in the Substance abuse field,
this helps providers understand and
work more successfully with patients who have Eating Disorder and Substance abuse.)

Anxiety and Depression

Eating Disorders are not a choice but RECOVERY is

At what weight does life begin 

Prevention of Eating Disorders




Story burning inside of you? – how to move the story to a published piece

10 mistakes I have made in publishing and how you can learn from my mistakes

The cost of writing a memoir and how to navigate it

Pitfalls of publishing and navigating the ever-changing Amazon-driven world

Shepherding your story

When to share your story

Platform vs. Tribe and how to build the right one 

So you want to write a memoir…


The sky is falling – a talk on anxiety

Body image and the effect on your children

Teaching your children to love their body

The Dangers of using the words “Good” and “Bad” in explaining food

Mental health 



Cultivating the faith of a warrior

“If you had enough faith you would be healed!” and other things NOT to say to someone struggling with mental health issues

Savior complex – talk for youth pastors

Proverbs 31 woman in a #MeToo culture 

How to become hungry for life in a world that bombards us with “not good enough” 

The Chicken Little Effect – Why the sky isn’t falling and how to calm an anxious heart 

Whose story are you living in? The world’s or the story God has for you? 

Your eating disorder or addiction is not the Hero of your story 

True Companion – surviving marriage when a loved one has an eating disorder or addiction 

Mental Health and The Church

Pastor training on Cutting, Eating Disorders and Mental Health – Helping kids find hope and healing

RE-imagining embodiment  (theological talk on embodiment in the Bible and what it means to take care of ourselves) 

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