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I am Lee, a writer of books and a speaker of hope. I have realized on this journey of life, through my work as a Mental Health Practitioner in the field of eating disorders and addictions, this dichotomy: “Everyone wants to be perfect but no one wants to be around perfect.”

I spent most of my life trying to be the “perfect” person the world told me I should be, while destroying my body, mind and relationships in the process.

A deep depression and life-threatening eating disorder led me to dark nights of my soul. But only by God’s grace was I able to begin the brave journey to choose a different life. One where I ditch perfect for being brave, strong, and broken all at once. Where I strive to be the woman God designed me to be. Mess and all. I tell the beginning of this story in my first book, Table in the Darkness:  A Healing Journey Through and Eating Disorder.

I thought I would only write one book. But, then I met all of you and I couldn’t not write.

I try and share what I have learned here and with my speaking and writing. (For a more professional resume click here.)

But really, I just want you to know that when I write, I try and share what God is teaching me so that hopefully it will encourage and inspire you! My second book Brave Is The New Beautiful: Courage to be the Real You was born out of meeting you, you brave and beautiful women.

You are in these pages too.

Maybe you don’t feel like you are, but I hope you will see yourself there. Bravery isn’t how skinny you can be. Beauty isn’t how pretty you look. It’s so much deeper and so awesome to behold. In the moment it can feel like horrible fear. But you are not alone. We need each other. We need to cheer each other on.

So this is my mission, to encourage and inspire women to stop the comparison game and live our lives (together) without fear and shame as we each embrace who God calls us to be.

You are brave. You are Beautiful.

Let’s go live that out together.

Will you join me?



About Lee

Lee Wolfe Blum is an author, energetic passionate speaker, and mental health practitioner working in the field of eating disorders and addictions. She loves to help women find hope and healing from perfectionism and addictions. her first book was Table in the Darkness A Healing Journey Through an Eating Disorder and her second book is Brave Is the New Beautiful Courage To Be the Real You. Lee lives in Edina, Minnesota with her husband and three teenage boys in what she calls “The Frat House”.

Lee also freelances as a Recovery Coach and a Writing Coach. If you are interested in either of these services, please click here for more information.

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