To the Bone is a Netflix show meant to entertain.

Or is it meant to educate?

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Is it meant to dispel the myths surrounding eating disorders? Maybe a simple encouragement to the, “30 million people of all ages and genders suffering from an eating disorder in the U.S.”

Did the creators of To the Bone achieve what they set out to do?

I am a mental health practitioner who in the past ten years has eaten with, cried with, prayed for and sat at the funerals of beautiful souls ravaged by a disease of such torturous methods. While my professional take on the disease is clinical, my personal view is derived from my own years of battling an eating disorder. I was the bony girl standing on the scale crying like Ellen does in the show. Crying because I wanted the numbers to transport me away to a place where I no longer had to feel the flood of emotions holding court in my body and my mind. An eating disorder does exactly what Ellen describes to her family, “I am sorry I am not a person but a problem.” I have been her.

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