Linking here for Lisa-Jo Baker’s “Five Minute Friday”. Below is an exercise given by her to gather with hundreds of other women by writing unedited, un-perfect for five minutes on the writing prompt. YIKES! The word for the prompt is WORSHIP.

So here I go:

We worship the media, we worship the movie stars, we worship those who are far from us. When you get involved with someone, really involved in their day-to-day life it is messy. We see their flaws, the stupid things they say, and their mistakes. We see them in their bathing suits un-photo shopped. And we love them anyway. But I would say knowing someone well, really well, and loving them through the muddy waters of living is how we should worship.

Loving is worship.


Because the more flawed we are the more we realize that we can only love when we receive grace for our own flaws. That God loves us despite us. Thank God he does. When I think of worship in the sense of worshiping God I think of singing, dancing, and pure unaltered unscripted joy. I want to worship God every day, every moment, with every breath. We need to be real, authentic and create a space for others to do so. By allowing people to be real and continuing to show up. Continuing to love them anyway. I want to worship more and I think we can worship also by how we live our lives. How we love others. How we offer gratitude and grace to any and all that come in our path. That is how we daily worship a God who loves us. Looking up to him, and saying “thank you.” I keep getting a visual as I am writing this, of a time and memory of complete and utter out of control pure worship with some of my dearest friends standing next to me. We were at a U2 concert in the pouring rain. You see worship doesn’t have to be just in church! I stood there, my hands held high, eyes closed singing at the top of my lungs. Every part of my body was feeling the music, the rain, the love of the dear friends and my husband next to me. And I cried out, Thank you God.

To feel fully alive, to love, to show gratitude and grace. THAT IS WORSHIP! 

May you find unconventional ways to worship this weekend!




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