Monday night I curled up on my couch with a warm fuzzy blanket to watch mindless television. A welcome relief from a long day of work and chauffeuring my three teenage boys around. The Bachelor: The Women Tell All was on.

Shining from my flatscreen was a room full of beautiful women with layers of makeup, cleavage baring dresses, and tongues full of spit and fire.


Spit and fire aimed at each other.

Over and over they interrupted, criticized, and accused one another. There were tears and eye rolls and a lot of throwing hands in the air.

And underneath the masks of righteous indignation was a room full of women who have so much more to offer this world than to eat each other alive.

Each woman with a story.

But you couldn’t see it. It was covered with layers of posturing.

Want to read more? I am over at the Huffington Post today with the full story.





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