Lee Blum, Recovery Coach

Lee Wolfe Blum is an expert in the field of eating disorders with nine years of work as a Mental Health Practitioner at the Melrose Center for Eating Disorder and also breaking free from her own life threatening eating disorder in her twenties.

Lee is also an author and energetic passionate speaker who loves to help women find hope and healing from perfectionism and addictions. Her first book was Table in the Darkness – A Healing Journey Through an Eating Disorder and her second, Brave Is the New Beautiful – Courage To Be the Real You releases March 1st. (but is available for pre-sale on Amazon). Lee’s coaching practice is a place to help you move to the next level in your recovery so you can be your best, brave and beautiful self.

Recovery Coaching helps you have a life outside of an eating disorder.

Recovery from and eating disorder is difficult work. At times it feels nearly impossible. Recovery Coaching helps you with:

  • Maintaining your motivation
  • Utilizing skills
  • Understanding what leads to urges and triggers
  • Managing triggers and urges
  • Developing an identity outside of their eating disorder
  • Building a life worth living
  • Spiritual growth

I work with Revision Recovery Coaching.

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