The Antidote To Stress

I have a friend, who when she signs in at our elementary school for a visitor pass, instead of writing the date on the pass or on the sign-in sheet just writes…Today.


Not the date or the time. Today.

She says it is because all she can think about is today, that it is too complicated to put the date, the time or the moment.

I see it differently, I see it as a beautiful reminder of living in the moment. This moment we have right now…is simply today.

Today is all we have in front of us.

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When You Feel Like You Don’t Fit In

I have never quite felt like I fit in.

As a young child my family jokingly referred to me as the “other child” or “the accident”. A funny statement that left me with an identity crisis early on. That told me something was wrong with me because I wasn’t like the others. I found myself constantly scrutinizing and asking myself…is this me? Is this where I belong? Is this who I am supposed to be?

Moving to four different schools in four years offered me an opportunity to try out new identities. There was the preppy me, the rocker me, the rebellious me and then the perfect me. Trying to mold and shape and become something the world might like, someone the world might accept.

Part of this exploration is quite normal as we try to figure out who were are and where we fit, but as I continued on this never ending quest I began to seek after God’s acceptance too. Was I good enough for God? Did I fit with who he wanted me to be? Was I a good enough Christian?

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What Women Really Need To Hear

What women want, no matter if they are struggling with an eating disorder, depression, addiction, and/or the day- to-day living…what women need, more than anything, is to hear this one simple phrase.

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What The Media Missed In The Rachel Farrokh Pleading Anorexic Story

While all of us can most likely agree that it is fantastic she is reaching out for help, those of us who work in the field and have struggled with the disease know there is more to this story than is being told.

The media jumps on these sensationalized stories of shock and awe. Look at how low a weight she is, look at her bones, and how could she get like that? Ohhh ahhh shock and awe.

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Are You Afraid Of Your Own Emotions?

I stand with my feet in the soft warm sand and watch with wonder as the waves come forward. Some of them large and full with white fury and others so small they barely move the sea underneath. There are children standing close jumping over the waves and down the beach I see surfers anxiously waiting for the biggest one to ride.

But, what I have learned about life is it does you no good to ignore those waves. Pretending they aren’t there will eventually lead you to drown.

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The “Mom Effect” and How We Influence Our Daughter’s Body Image

She hid the cookies deep in the farthest part of the silverware drawer. The fridge was full of food she never touched. Well, except for the Slim Fast drinks that littered the shelves. Those, were the sustenance she lived on. And yet, I knew the cookies were part of her diet too, eaten late at night in the darkness of the kitchen. She pretended as if she ate, pretended for my viewing pleasure that she was consuming meals, but I was intuitive. I was paying attention to her every move.

How could I not, she was my mother.

She was the model I had to follow.

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Happy “Other” Mother’s Day

I loved reading the book, Are You My Mother? – by P.D. Eastman, to my kids when they were younger.

The sweet tiny bird asking all the animals, “Are you my mother?” Not sure where he matched up, who would provide the nurturing he needed. And what we see often in the animal stories, is when the mother dies or isn’t present, another mother steps in. Even if it is a different species, the nurture hole is filled by another mother.

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Why We Don’t Need To Be Afraid To Share Our Stories

Yesterday I was paying for my groceries at Target and engaged in a lively and fulfilling conversation with the clerk. I always stand in her line, because I love hearing her stories. She tells me about her kids, her steak that her son makes, and any other fun tidbits I need to know. I always smile after a brief encounter with her and her stories.

A favorite author of mine, Brene Brown, says, “If we don’t share our stories, we can’t fully heal.”

She is referring to those stories that live in our bodies, the stories that wake us up in the night, the stories woven together to make us who we are.

What does it mean to share your story?

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5 Life Lessons Learned From the Apple Genius Bar

My I-phone is having technical difficulties. Strange problems that I can’t seem to figure out. It turns off for no reason, the screen flashes on and off and even Siri yells out at very inappropriate times, “May I help you!”

So I begrudgingly made my appointment for the “Genius Bar” at the Apple store. Have you ever been to this magical place? This place with soft lighting, beautiful shiny gadgets and a room full of super smart people ready to help you?

Who knew that walking into an Apple store could be such a profound experience, but it was.

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5 Reasons Why I Am Ok Putting Oreos In My Child’s Lunch Box…And You Should Too!

When I was a kid, my lunchbox included peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Twinkies, and chocolate milk. My after school snack was two butter soaked pieces of bread with about a pound of cinnamon and sugar on top. It was awesome.

And now here we are in 2015 and a four-year-old’s mom is being reprimanded for sending her daughter to schol with Oreos.

While it no longer is acceptable in our society to have Twinkies every day, I fear the pendulum has swung too far to the other side.

We are creating a culture of fear in our young children; and this is very dangerous.

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What Jodi Picoult Forgot

She walked on the stage with a bubbling energy, her curly red hair bouncing as she walked. Six of us writers sat in the dark theatre excited to hear Jodi Piccoult tell us about her writing practice, to tell us what life is like for her as a famous author. We wanted to...

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Why I Am Done With Jealousy and You Should Be Too!

I am done with envy.

Finished with jealousy.

Cleaning it out of my life. No more. Goodbye.

I never got a Cabbage Patch Kid nor was a part of Brownies. These two things have rubbed me the wrong way my entire life. Why didn’t I ever get that squishy chubby faced doll and why didn’t I ever have the opportunity to wear that cute little brown sash over my shoulder?

I was left out. Less than.

I attribute my inability to snuggle and cuddle to not having one of those sweet dolls. And my fashion sense and ability to work well with others aren’t there…why? Because I was never a Brownie!

Yes, first world problems. I get it. But, I don’t believe I am alone.

I want more more more.

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A Book Not To Miss – Jesus Prom, by Jon Weece

Watch the news any night, any day and you will see it…fear.

We turned on the news last night and received a hefty dose of it. A dose of the Boston Marathon trial, repeated images of the bombing, massacres in Kenya, more speculations on the German plane crash and even the 911 call of a terrified Sandra Bullock while an intruder was in her house.

This is not new information that news is fear based and filled with “shock-and-awe” and as much attention getting as possible. To compete with social media and the instant news world we live in now, there must be an angle.

Fear is an easy angle.

I can’t stand it.

But there are other people out there, other people who are doing the opposite of this fear infiltration.

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Why Is It So Hard To Wait?

Do you look at your phone while waiting at a red light?

I know you do, because I see you. Yesterday I watched a man reading his I-pad at a light, he was actually holding it up and reading it!

We live in a have-it-right-now culture. Everything is instant. You no longer have to wait until you get home to know if someone called, or wait until you big sister stops giggling with her boyfriend to use the phone. You can watch entire episodes of television shows in one sitting. You need an answer to anything…Google it. And now, the Apple Watch is coming, so you don’t even have to pick up your phone, it will be on your arm.

No more waiting. Everything now.

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