The Beautiful Bravery Behind #MeToo

"Pretty is as pretty does.” “Act like a lady. Don’t be ugly.” “Put on a little lipstick and you will be fine.” We as women are often expected to act and be a certain way. When we are treated like objects there is a cavern of...

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Where have I been? Speaking speaking speaking. I am grateful for the fun opportunites I have been able to experience lately! So if you don't see much writing, know that I am out speaking. Check out my speaking page for some of the latest links if you want to listen....

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In This Messy Messy World Won’t You #DoBRAVE!

Dividing lines. Walls. Fences and lines drawn in the sand.  Belief systems that cancel Thanksgiving plans and delete Facebook friends. Heated conversations, tweets, newscasters and even preachers fighting it out. Read more of this article at the Huffington Post ...

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The Brave and Beautiful Twerking Grandma

It is easy to walk around this word being washed over by the media stories reporting horror. To carry around a dark heavy coat of fear and sadness because, “where is the good in this world?”

I find myself being sucked into the drudgery of life and adulting and I sometimes can’t see anything but the pain and sadness.

And it is hard to feel free and unchained by it all.

And then I see it, the bravery, the courage in another and I know there is so much more here than only pain.

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The Cost of Attempting to be a Bronze Beauty

I have always wanted to be tan. Not just tan, but a perfect bronze color with a splash of pink on my cheeks.

Fresh and sun kissed.

Skin tinted just the right color that radiated health and beauty.

Because that is what being tan does right? Makes you look healthy and beautiful.

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Brave Is the New Beautiful

In September I received a book contract for my second book. When I answered the call from the calm voice on the other end telling me the publishing house loved and wanted to publish this book, I sat in my car in the parking lot of Marshall’s wondering if they had made a mistake.

Had they called the wrong person?

Were they really offering me a book contract for a book that had not even been written? Did they not know who they were calling? Didn’t they see in my proposal that my first book was never listed on the New York Times Bestseller list, or that it never hit any sort of top charts.

I wanted to ask them, are you sure you really want to do this? Are you sure you want to invest in my story?

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