For everything there is a season. For the past 10 years my season has been to plow forward. Birthing babies and books and careers. I have been in a constant state of, what is next? But you cannot live in a perpetual state of forward. There has to be time for rest, reflection and to sit under the tree and hear God’s whisper.


In a state of complete and utter uncomfortableness , since my nature is one of constant motion, I am choosing August to rest. To settle into the wilderness of the in-between and spend time restoring my soul. My book sales might go down, I might have poor numbers to report on my blog, and my readers (you) might fall away. I am choosing to trust. Trust that God is in this all. So I rest. And this is my prayer for this month of stepping back:

God, nothing is impossible with you. Restore my soul. Relieve my anxious heart. Show me the next right step. Fill me with your wonder and rejuvenate my spirit, so I feel encouraged and invigorated by you to do what you have called me to do. Whisper to me in this wilderness and provide me rest so my body, soul and mind can be restored.

I will be back on September 1st.

under a tree

Thank you friends.

XO – Lee

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